I purchased the Premium Facer but now it is gone

I purchased the Premium service but when I upgraded to the latest ver 4.9 It is asking me if I want to purchase Premium and I already have.

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Hi @Persy! Sorry about that! By “Facer Premium” do you mean “Facer Plus”? Or do you mean some of the premium watch faces that you purchased?

Facer Plus…

Following up with you by email - we’ll solve this for you!

You SOLVED it… Thank you!!!

Same here… Now is showing like I haven’t paid for the app… I have an email confirmation when I bought the app… Now after last night update is asking againg if I want to buy the app and get premium previleges.
What can I do? I’m even subsribed as beta tester… And I see in a corner a word “beta”

@artcotto can you send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com? We’ll do our best to help solve that for you!

I did already… Last night when this out with proof of my google play transaction.
My email is artcotto@gmail.com

@artcotto we just looked and couldn’t see an email from you. Are you sure you sent it to facer-support@little-labs.com? Thanks!

I just resend the email with purchase proof again, Please check up your email.

Thanks everyone!! Finally got it back some time ago. Sorry for the delay.