I ran into a problem with conditional placment for the weather symbol complication

I just released my first design and I worked around this by having the weather icon complication stay in the same place between both the round and square layouts. I had no problem getting icons, text and other tag values to re-position when switching between round and square layouts.

The issue is the creator tool works fine - the complication moves as expected but in the actual rendering on the watch face the complication is missing.

Here are the conditions I used:
X Position

Y Position

Here is the round version in the creator tool:

Here is the square version - notice it renders the desired different positions just fine:

Here is an actual screen capture from my watch testing the design:

Please let me know if I am missing something. If I am not is this the place to report bugs like this?



PS - apologies for the post being split across multiple posts - new user restrictions - with workaround :slight_smile:

Try it with only 1 equal sign. While the double == is the correct way, sometimes I’ve seen it not work as expected.

Thanks for the idea. I just tried it - no joy. The editor worked OK just like before and when I pushed it to the watch to test it disappeared just like before.



In those cases I have played around with the x/y coordinates.

or try $#ZISROUND#=1?160:40$ instead of
or try $#ZISROUND#==True?160:40$ for x/y

I do have the same problem with the weather icon stop showing and I’m not even use a condition.

Thanks for the idea. I tried your suggestions (both single = and double == versions). Comparing to 1 and true leads to the same results - works in the editor missing on the actual watch. Comparing to True just always yields the false condition so it dosne’t work in the editor or on the watch.

Feels like a bug.

Sorry to hear you are hitting a similar problem @lcardona44. I do not think this is the same issue thought. For me when I take the conditional out of the position property the icon appears just fine.