I request guidance for the creation using facer creator pro. A teacher

Hello guys,
I’m trying to work with creating faces in the Facer Creater PRO application.
I came to ask for help and ask if any of you could help me.
I have a brain disability caused by cancer.
Thanks in advance to everyone!


Hi again @christianfernandes38 you did not respond to our Direct Message . I thought you had gone away .
I hope you watched the YouTube Videos I sent the links for .

I would certainly not start with PRO.

Plenty of help here . For you I would start with the Basics . Did you manage to apply the gift I sent you to any of your drafts .

You will have to frame a specific Question so we can Understand what you are trying to achieve one step at a time .

Keep coming back .


I have had a little play with your First Publication which is nice . I have added a Fade Border and reduced the size of the Character to make space for a battery power indicator which is very Popular on smart watches.

Here is the fade border as another Gift .

It is there in White so you can make it any Colour .


Really nice of you to help out, Russell! Would you mind sending those links along to me as well! In elvery new here, just downloaded and subscribed a few days ago after getting my first smartwatch. Would appreciate any help you can provide, didn’t get much out of the very limited tutorials on the site here. thanks!

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HI. Welcome @josh3212. There are no links for this. The Face Dissapeard. That picture above is just a shot of a play I had with it before Ih t was taken down.
Ther is lots of stuff here on the community. Unfortunatly Titles are often not goid links and Topic get Hijacked.
I woul d start a new one with a Specific question in the Title.