I think I posted this in the wrong place after reading topics in here

I am just asking are we allowed to ask if someone can make a watch face in this form? If not is there a place to post a request like that? If not no big deal.

Just an FYI if someone does read this and does design’s watch faces please let me know if you want. Best email to get at me is my business one. Yes I have my degree in IT but I am not a programmer/coder. I am a disabled Navy Veteran and even that I have a business in order to make any money I need clients which I do not have right now. I survive on VA disability benefits which is very little because I am not at 100% or at least not right now. I am only saying this to let whoever might want to help me out that I am able to pay them for their work but just know I don’t have a lot of money, that’s all. I hope someone can help me and I am willing to do stuff for them to.

Thank You,

Maybe you should tell what type of watch face you would like to have. There are a lot helpful ppl here…

Just let me know what you are looking for and i will make it for you no charge ever i enjoy a challenge

Oh sorry I thought I posted it with the original post sorry forthat thank you!

What I am looking for is a digital watch. I would like the background to be blue digital Navy camo because I am a disabled Navy Veteran actually so if that is possible with the rest of the face information. Now I am not picky on where all the information displays are located but the only request I have is for each type of information like weather all be in the same general location please and that’s the main thing I ask. One other thing I ask is that all the read outs are blue (clock, date, heartrate ect). Another thing I ask is that the clock be in the center and be the largest font out of all the other text and the date be right below it and just a tiny bit smaller text size then the clock please.

•Clock 12 and 24hr if possible in largest print but not too large in order to get everything in it.
•Date (3 digit month 2 digit day 4 digit year) in that order please.
•Day of year
•Week of year

•Moon phase
•Moon percentage

•Sun rise
•Sun set

•Local weather by GPS and name of that place
•Actual temperature
•Day low
•Day high
•Humidity %
•Wind direction
•Wind speed

•Watch battery % readout digitally and if room colored bar graph like in [HYB] VARON Arrow if no room just an icon and the numeral as the percentage.
•Phone battery % same as above
•Watch temp if possible

•Step count
•Distance gone mi/km
•Floor count this one I haven’t seen with any Facer watch faces or in the program but if it is possible please add it. That’s honestly the reason I have stayed with [HYB] VARON Arrow watch face for so long.

Both of these are just ones that I have seen and just thought if there was any room it would be cool to have. If both can have the numeral percentage if that is even possible I would appreciate it very much.
•WiFi strength
•Data strenth

These are watch faces to go off of to get ideas of what I like but please don’t fringe on any copyright issues please more for your sake and safety then anything else.

Galaxy Store:
•[HYB] VARON Arrow

•G7 Analog Digital AD 103
•Nighthawk Steal Black
•US Army-Tech X2
•RR 26 24Hrs
•Navy NWO (Digital Blue Camo)

I know this is a lot and I am sorry for that. I just find that every watch I look at and download is always missing one or more of what I would like so please if you can get everything on the watch face. Now I do understand that it just may not be possible to get everything because of limitations by the watch face creator program.

Thank You Very Much!,

Hi Brandon

I created an analog\digital watchface sometime ago with different colors, I just amended it with the Navy Blue Camo colors, it does not contain all the information you asked for but it shows the basics…the main idea of it is to have large readable numbers…

I hope you like it…

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hi so this is a first draft of what i think you wanted have a look and tell me what you would like changed ok

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That is awesome, Thank You!!

Cool i have tidied up some bits of code and gfx so will publish if you see anything you want to change just let me know ok

No it looks GREAT!! THANK YOU!! Sorry been away the last few days. Again that you so much!