I want a digital display to show upon wake up

I want a digital display to show on wake up for 3 seconds. I can make it show for the first 3 seconds of every minute using this $#Ds#==1?100:0$ || $#Ds#==2?100:0$ || $#Ds#==3?100:0$

Does anyone know how how I can tell it to do this upon wake up?

BTW nesting the statement works in edit and in demo but does not work on the watch. I had to break it up I into 3 separate elements.

Here is something you might be able to use rather than 3 separate statements OR’d together


Of course, it won’t work if you need an integer value.

What do you mean be “wake up”?

Yes that worked to avoid 3 separate elements. Thanks! By “wake up” I mean when you tap the watch to see the face (Moto 360) I want the digital display to show for 3 seconds then go away.

Hey guys,

We should have something to allow you to implement these effects more easily in this week’s release. Stay tuned!

Thanks Facer the #DWE# tag worked perfectly!

@aard88! Perfect! We knew it would come handy :wink: