I want them to stop and get my money back

Hello. I am an old user who had to create a new account to log in here.
I got kicked out a year ago for breaking the terms of the contract, but today I’ve been charged the facer pro annual fee. Could someone unsubscribe my old facer pro user? Can I get back what was stolen from my account today? Thanks

Pretty sure No one here can help with that.
You have to email facer support
Maybe contact @Facer_Official

But you should be able to contact your bank and fight the charge

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You can raise a support request for a refund via this link:

Submit a request – Facer Creator

Or send an email to: facer-support@little-labs.com

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I have been sending emails to that address for a year and you can see that they have given me the new receipt as if I had not done anything. It is also true that I did not receive any response to my emails.

So just to be clear, have you sent a request to cancel your automatic renewal or get a refund? Did you get a support ticket number? If you did not get a ticket number email then the request did not make it into the support system.

Ive found that dealing with facer is like dealing with Rockstar. They dont care about their customers or the work they do or the people of their community. Youll have more luck contacting your bank and seeing if they can contact them and cancel it and refund it or at least block them from being able to withdraw any other funds.

Unclear what happened…

Did you cancel subscription on Goggle Pay?

manage your (Google) account - payment and subscriptions - manage subscription

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