I wanted to do something that returned

It takes a lot of time to do something that turns around :slight_smile:


ok @zulkarneyin, that is crazy cool. I was considering a build like this, just never got around to it. Very cool


Wow! Great Idea and very well made!!

I like!

Thank you very much for taking comments from the masters like you. You need to spend a lot of time on these tasks. Unfortunately, I do not have any business home children. Iā€™m trying to do something in my spare time. I realized that using autocat, gimp illustras, photoshop vsair is not enough, creative ideas are supposed to be talent, unfortunately Iā€™m getting less.

bad english google translanin crime :slight_smile:

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Very good indeed, this concept is great!

Interesting, same concept I did ā€¦


Oh, i think, they are different - but both are very nice and show a lot of knowledge in animation coding.

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