I wonder if you'll like it? Wrist mate.Digital, excellent reading, white, green, battery level, heart rate, 10K steps


Excellent reading for sure. I like your beating heart animation rather than the flashing heart that I’ve seen on some other faces.


I agree with @Linlay, especially about the beating heart. Well done!

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Thanks to both of you, but you could help me, I would like to hang an imagepng on the hands so that it always remains standing (lanetta 3-6-9-12 hours), I hope I was clear.

You can do this by setting the X & Y positions of the image using sin/cos functions and setting the rotation to minus the hand rotation tag.


For a second hand, set the image parameters as follows:

Xpos: (160+Rsin(rad(#DWFSS#)))
Ypos: (160-R

Rotation: (-#DWFSS#)

Replace R ( ie. radius ) with the right number to place the image where you want it along the hand.

I think that will work.


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Thanks again for the help, it’s working.

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