I would like to round down minute hand to nearest 5 minutes

I would like to round down minute hand rotation to nearest 5 minutes

You would almost have to use an image of your minute hand times 4 and place them where you want them to show. Then use Opacity with an expression like:


Using different numbers for the on time however you like.

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Mmm, not entirely sure what you are after; what @mrantisocialguy has said could be it :slight_smile:

Alternatively, are you just looking to have the minute hand rotate in 12 discrete steps of 5 minutes each?

And, by round down, do you mean you want:

A. when time is 0…5 minutes then hand indicates 0 minutes


B. when time is 57.5…2.49 minutes show 0
minutes 2.5…7.49 minutes show 5 ?

So if you want A: minute hand rotation: (floor(#Dm#/5)*30)

and B: minute hand rotation: (floor((#Dm#+2.5)/5)*30)

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Mike Option A is what I am aiming for.

Will try it shortly and let you know.

Cheers Wayne

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This is the result


Is that doing what you wanted? It looks cool!

Hi Mike,

Yes it is doing exactly what i wanted.

I have a Red dot that sits behing a cut out of the Minute Numbers i.e. 45, 55… and that will stay in place untill the next 5 minute interval is reached and then I have a second red strip that rotates and shows to progress towards the next 5 minute marker.

The code you provided ensures that there is always a minute number highlighted at all times.



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cool idea and resulting face @the.wayne.walton !