I would realize an adjustable countdown timer

Hi to all
I’m able to realize a chrono, digital or analog, but now i would realize a digital countdown timer that when i tap the starting point start to go back, from the time prefixed by me, untill it reaches 0 and i don’t know how i could realize it.
I would have a counter that can go back for Hours/Minutes/Seconds
Of course i must be able to set the point from which the countdown start.
For instance 1Hr; or 20 Minutes; or 1Hr and 15 Min and so on.
Could someone tell me which expressions could i use to realize this?
Have i to use insert text as for the chrono to have digits?
Can i use the same start/stop and reset of the chrono?
Many many thanks to anyone that could help me.
Greetings to all

I do not have pro, so I cannot test this, but you could have 1 increment var that you increase to represent the start time. Perhaps in steps of 5 minutes or so.
Then you can have a start/stop var and use the start time - VAR_2_T to get the elapsed time since you pressed it.
If the var is in seconds you can derive all the numbers from it
I hope this helps…

I’ve tried something similar, but it’s only based on the fact that the facer can’t display a negative angle. Look here beta.facer.io/watchface/rcAjvFycjF
Inspection enabled.

I copied a watch from when I had pro and adjusted it. It did not have toggle vars, only increment, but something like this helps maybe?


hI @petr.patocka AND @ThaMattie

Thanks for your help and the time you have spent to help me, but i had in mind something different.
I did this moke up as a chrono with inspection on

Now, the digits are Hours, Minutes, Seconds. Of course, being a chrono, when i tap Start/Stop the chrono start counting.
Well, what i would is something similar, but running back from a prefixed point choosen by me.
As to say:

  1. I choose the starting point, Hr; Minutes; or both. Through a VAR + or VAR - ?
  2. When i tap Start/Stop the count down should start stopping when 0 is reached
  3. Tapping Reset, of course, reset all
    Is this possible? Being the worst mathematician in the world, i do not know if it is possible to realize such a thing, and even less how to realize it.
    Thanks again for your help
    My best regards

Hi @ThaMattie
Thanks again for your help, but being a math ass i must confess that i don’t know how to realize what you say. It’s something beyond my abilities.
I was hoping for a formula ready to use. LOL. For this reason, may be it’s better that i give up this idea.
Many many thanks for your help, i have much appreciated it.
Have a nice day

I simulated a toggle with an increment, hope this gets you a bit further.
When I have time I will look into making it hours and minutes too

Hi @ThaMattie
You are very nice. Thankd. Any further help is welcomed.
As i told, i’m not in a hurry. Alternative is to leave my project
Have a nice day :grinning:

Small update with converting the minutes to h:m:s. It does not stop at 0 yet.
Currently the increment accuracy is 1 minute. Is that what you want, or do you want it in steps of 5 or 10 minutes or something?


Hi @ThaMattie
Great work!! Really what i wanted. The increment of 1 minute is perfect. Not to be too demanding, but as you say it not stops when it reaches 0.
May be, when you will have time to spend, that you can find a solution to have an automatic stop upon reaching point 0 ?
Anyway many many thanks for what you did for me. Much appreciated
Have a nice sunday

Hey @diavo

It’s been a while, but I’ve managed to make it stop at 0:

Hi @ThaMattie
Many many thanks for the time you have spent helping me. Very appreciated. For sure i envy your mathematical skills. I will never have it.
Just a curiosity. I tried your watch face timer, and when the timer reaches 0 it continues running with negative values ( -1 -2 -3 and so on.
I copied your formulas in my Timer Moke Up jack - TIMER MOKE UP - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer and when the counter reaches 0 it stops.
It’s really a mistery. I do’nt understand the why.
Anyway, in my face all works as i desired, Many many thanks again for your precious help.
Have a nice day.
P.S. If you have an idea about why my face stops and your continues running negative numbers, let me know. On the other hand i simply copied your formulas onto my face. LOL

Hey @diavo

You’re welcome.
I don’t know why it keeps counting below 0. It works when I test it. Maybe it is a browser caching thing and it still loads the old version?

Hi @ThaMattie
Really i don’t know. I teasted it In Opera; Last Version of Microsoft Edge; and Firefox but it continues to go with negative values instead of stopping.
But, what matters, in my moke up it works fine so…i decided not to go mad for a silly thing LOL
Have a nice evening, or day. Thanks again

Hi @ThaMattie,
I am new at watch making. I have a gear s3 and i am looking for something very simmilar. I am a professional sailor and i want to build/instal a countdown timer watchface. This one would do fine (if i can upload it to my watch) but preferably i would have the following functions:

  • a big min and sec display
  • adjustable countdown timer (max 15 min)
  • start/stop reset function
  • If possible an sync button that will sync the timer to the nearest full min (2:40 -> 3:00 2:21 -> 2:00)
    Do you have any advise on how to takle this?
    What i am trying to reconstruct is this watch: Optimum Time Series 3 SeriesYacht Timer - Watches & Accessories - Chandlery
    Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards,

Hi @syb-h

The watch is open for inspection so feel free to copy what you need. You do need creator Pro to make something like it.

De Start/Stop/Reset should be possible, but could prove hard to do (I now only have start and stop+reset)
The sync button would be hard, not sure if even possible.

I do not have time myself to implement all those things in 1 watchface atm, but maybe others at the forums here can help you with that. I’m always up for answering any questions you have though :wink:

@ThaMattie Thank you!
Do you know if the watch still works if i get pro, download it and then cancel pro? Is there a way for me to upload your/this watchface to my watch? When I go to your watch it says it is unpublished.

You have to make it yourself, but can look at my watch how I did it.
If you take pro for a month and cancel it, it will still work afterwards and you can still edit it too.
You can no longer add new variables or anything, but the ones that are already in there are still usable.