Ich bin neu Hier

Ich habe eine sehr dringende frage ich habe die Huawei Watch gt2 pro ist die compatible mit Facer damit ich mir meine Faces draufladen kann oder von andere.

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Welcome to the Community Andresierau5
Here is a Translation for others to read (I think he is asking if Facer is compatible with his Huawei Watch GT2 Pro) -
I have a very urgent question. I have the Huawei Watch gt2 pro which is compatible with Facer so that I can load my faces onto it or from others.”
Yes, you can sync many Faces from here or the Facer App to your Watch :smiley:


Sorry But I do not think Huawei gt2 is on the Facer list. I think it has the Huawei OS on boaed. I had one but not sure of the model. I am sure someone else will join in an confirm. Nice watch though. Nice long Battery life.

So Huawei 2 YES

Huawei GT2 NO
: (

@russellcresser If you look at his profile, it appears that he has already created 2 Faces and is currently using one of them on his Watch.

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Wow. I bow to your superior Knowlage. :+1:

:joy: :rofl: :joy:

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So why would all the others not. What is the difference. Complications?

No idea my friend, all I think I’m seeing is him wearing his own designs…
(He may have them on a different Watch for all I know) :thinking:

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I see now. I thought you were talking abut my Watch.
Bit dozzy. Catching a peak between Drilling.

So Huawei 2 is on the list.
Huawei GT2 is not that has the in house OS.


I also have the huawei gt 2 but it’s not really a shame, which is a shame if you already have premium that you can’t download the watch faces as hwt

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Welcome to the Community Skynax, it’s a great place to learn and there’s lots of helpful people here too :slightly_smiling_face:

I did not check which OS was running on my GT2. Lucky for me Amazon refunded me and I got the Galaxy Active. A lot of research to do before you buy a Smart watch. People are having Problems with thier GW4 . Shame really. You think it would be sorted by now.

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und kannst du mir sagen wie das geht, ich weiß nicht mal wo ich companion app her bekomme ich kriege das facer nicht auf die uhr

Es tut mir leid, aber die Facer-App muss aus dem Store (Google oder Apple) auf Ihr Mobiltelefon oder Tablet heruntergeladen werden, und dann können Sie Ihre Uhr mit der Facer-App verbinden.


Translated with Bing

Es tut mir so leid.
GT2 wird nicht mit Facer synchronisiert, es hat ein In House OS darauf.
Der HUAWIE 2 hat WearOS .
Ich hatte die gleiche Erfahrung.
Jetzt habe ich galaxy Active 40mm.

I am so sorry.
GT2 will not sync with Facer it has an In House OS on it.
The HUAWIE 2 Has WearOS .
I had the same experiance.
So now I have Galaxy Active 40mm .

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