[Idea] Active Physical/Virtual Buttons

Can an element be added that is user movable? For instance the two use cases I can think of would be in terms of either:

  1. Dial/Knob rotation from device. Some smart watch devices have a physical rotating bezel or knob for advanced features. The function could be random sequential number generator.
    Function: RandMove(start, min,max)
    Example: let say a group of 5 circles were on the face, by turning the dial i could select a circle and see data specific to that circle. The ‘select’ feature would be handled through the turning of the dial (RandMove(0,0,4). The start portion would have two selections, 0 = from min, 1 = from last point. The other elements such as the indication of the selection and data would be handled through the use of transparency’s using the same RandMove function. I.E. when on 4, the 4th circle is slightly bigger and a text box is revealed with and in/then statement.
  2. For watches that don’t have a physical dial or knob, you could implement a virtual button. In the case of the button you could use the following:
    Element: Include a clickable button in the creator (similar to the tint button) for any element. Clicking the button would give you a sliding number scale. These could be used for IDs within other elements to sync actions.
    Example: Let say a Shape element (Circle) is made clickable, and the ID is set to 1. Now imagine several other elements that have transparency set with an If/Then expression for ID1=On. When the circle is tapped, then the other actions take place. The next tap (anywhere on the screen) will set that ID back to Off.Only one ID can be on at a time.
    In theory these could all act similar to the complications tags that may be rolled out later.