[Idea] Add dials on free version of Facer Creator

I wish that Facer would add a dial function to the free version of Facer Creator instead of only having a text function. For instance, if I click on the steps complication on Facer Creator, I can’t have a dial to show the number of steps I have, only text version of it. If you feel this way, put a thumbs up or thumbs down on the poll bar.

Poll to add Dial on free version of Facer Creator
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Do you mean like this?

MAG 1294

That is very easy to do. Inspection mode (rocket ship) is open on this face so you can see how it’s done. The element is labeled “Steps Hand”.

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Use the progress tool. I do it all the time in the free version.


@mrantisocialguy and @bradtc Thank you for your help. :grinning: