[Idea] Can Facer Pull Step Count From Google Fit?


I LOVE Facer and have made some fun, personal faces, but the steps always seem to be inaccurate. I use Google Fit to track my steps and it’s much, much more accurate than wherever Facer is pulling from. Is there a way to have the steps pull the data from Google Fit instead of wherever it’s pulling from now? Thanks!

I support this request. I also noticed that Facer’s step count is not great and it’s made me less inclined to include it in designs… 'cause what’s the point if the count’s off?

The new complications should pull it off Google Fit to the app. But it is still based on watch data, not your phone.

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Huh? Typos? I can’t figure out what you were trying to say.

It pulls its data from the watch not the phone