[Idea] Compass Tag

Compass Tag!

Giving you the compass reading from your smartwatch build in compass from 1 to 360:
360 - North
90 - East
180 - South
270 - West

Also, reading of 0 would mean that there is no compass build into the device.


Also, a text tag, that gives back current direction would be nice as well.

-22,5 to 22,5 deg - North
22,5 to 67,5 deg - North-East
67,5 to 112,5 deg - East
112,5 to 157,5 deg - South-East
157,5 to 202,5 deg - South
202,5 to 247,5 deg - South-West
247,5 to 292,5 deg - West
292,5 to 337,5 deg - North-West

  1. same but short:

I’'m not sure if it will be loudly announced, but Facer has added voting to Tags suggestions topics.
Pick your favorites and upvote them, I believe you can vote on 7 (please correct me on that).

Edit.: and now I said it, it’s no longer available. Story of my life…

Edit 2: It’s back again!


Ok, it’s been over half a year since the first request being made under “Features Requests / Tags & Functions in Facer Creator” category and to this day there were no new tags added.
And I wasn’t asking for my suggestion only from the day that the category “Features Requests” was created.

I’ve been asking about this under every update info, but there was no answer until now.

So I ask again inside the topic that got the most votes to this day:

When will we see any new tags?

I’m not asking you to create new ones every day, but one every half of a year would be appreciated.


I will mention now nicks of all users on this forum that are confirmed as Facer Staffers so that I can be sure that at least someone from them will see this message:

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@Mellin - Have you at any time, seen which functions samsung (S2, S3) has given access to, on their watches, and also from other producers? I think there already are access to many more functions, as these few there in reality are in function now.
I have tried to search for this, but has not found any usefull things about it.

We hear you @Mellin! We’ll do our best to update the tags asap.


yes! please implement the use of a compass! I want to make faces exclusively to off roading etc and a compass would be VERY useful!

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