[Idea] Date ↔︎ Temperature Format Correlation

Hi everybody!

Today I have a though problem I want to address.

Many faces (mine included) contain the current date in them, but as many people know in different parts of the world people write them differently.

For example, I’m from a European country “Poland” and here we generally use format: D/M/Y.
At the same time, I know that in many places people prefer format: M/D/Y.

My question is: Is there a correlation between date format and temperature scale in specific countries?
In my case, we use celsius scale and I’m wondering if in all countries that use celsius scale also use D/M/Y date format and vice-versa?

Feel free to correct me on how wrong my assumption is.

According to the Googles:

I’m in US and use M/D/Y for work. On my designs I’ve done various things. Normally I leave year off, but I’ve switched M-D interchangeably.

When it comes to the order of months and days it pretty much overlaps the scale usage map:

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My idea is to use preferred weather units tag: #WM# for changing the date format from D/M/Y for celsius into M/D/Y for Fahrenheit.

What do you think?

That could work. May cut some of the confusion. I’ve been trying to use the short text versions instead of numerals lately. That’s always a sure fire way to get the info across, but doesn’t always fit the design.

> #DE#, #DMMM# #DdL#

Who changed the title of my topic!?

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Apparently it was @pacingpoet who edited my post.
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I remember!
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I gave Facer staff a heads up and started making edits that conform with Facer subreddit conventions - while preserving OP intent (Facer: the ultimate custom watchface for Android Wear). Do you guys like or dislike?
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