[Idea] Disable Daily Mix

I find this feature very disruptive. How can it need disabled?

@drfoto what version of Facer do you have and which watch do you use? We’re looking into reports of this feature not behaving the way it should on certain version/watches. Thanks!

Daily Mix continues to plague my Gear 3 with Facer installed. Oddly the time I have Mix pop up most often is when I enter the shower. Something about the contact of crystal and water tends to trigger Daily Mix. Yesterday it replaced my desired watchface with some moronic Taco Time style. This morning as I lie in bed I glanced at my watch and there Daily Mix was again!

Instead of trying to fix it, can’t you just install a check box in settings to toogle it on and off. If on show the mix option everyday at 9a. If off it never shows. Give the end user the choice!

Continued frustration with this unwanted feature!!

Please tell us how to disable this feature. I do not need to see “Your Daily Mix is ready” each morning. I never want a Daily Mix. Having it change constantly during the day is very distracting. [Motorola 360 Gen 2 Womens / Facer 3.1.11_2045.]

Is there a way to disable this feature yet? I am now using Facer 4.3.0_4445 (4445).

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Please,Please PLEASE! for the love of GOD and everything holy give us a way to disable this feature. I’m not 16; I have chosen my watch face. I’m so good. Random faces popping up On my Gen 3 Fossil are annoying to say the least.

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Hi @dave.mcmillian so sorry about that! Are you talking about the notification that pops up the morning after you picked a face in the daily mix? Or is there an issue where that notification keeps popping up every day even if you don’t interact with the daily mix?

To all Interested Parties: Removing the phone portion of Facer stops the new random face pushes YAAAAAH! That may not be an acceptable fix for everyone but its been 24hrs and my watch face is steady :smiley:
As a point of reference I have an LG G6 “ThinQ” Oreo and uninstalling the phone app not the watch face part, stopped the random “hey look at this new watch face we gave you that is illegible and dose not even tell you anything” feature.

I do (or did) see the daily mix notification pop up and with out a (skip or no thanks option) jumped thru quite a few hoops to make it go away and back to my watch face. What however I was actually complaining about was in the middle of the day looking down and seeing some new random watch face, un-requested, un-warned and unwanted. Uninstalling the phone app (not the watch part) seemed to make it go away so Im very happy with consistent watch face now. :wink:

The Daily Mix os odd feature and must be able to switch it off. I create and use my own watchfaces therefore I DO NOT NEED DAILY MIX!!! I MUST NOT SEE IT EVER!!! But I need phone part of Facer for my own watchfaces installation.


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I’m also having a bad experience with the Daily Mix feature. I would rather have it disabled or at least that it stays in the notification bar, hidden and not covering half of my screen.

I do like the feature, but I really don’t like the forced notification