[Idea] Disable Sync Count When Testing Own Designs

Hi there,

Since we don’t have yet an accurate way to view downloads, would be nice to have an option to disable the sync counter for our own designs.

We need to test and sometimes sync multiple times, but these syncs shouldn’t really count as we are just testing or updating a design.

If you agree, please let us know.
Kind Regards


Agreed and this should already be the case! If you’re seeing your sync count increasing on your own designs, that’s a bug. Where are you syncing the designs from? Using the “Send to watch” feature on the web/creator? Or in the app?

I use both… when the web doesn’t want to sync I use the app.
I noticed it increases the syncs because even with drafts I got syncs… so the sync is counting when I do, or my drafts are available to others before I publish them…

If you need further help to finding the issue I’ll be glad to do it.