[Idea] Facer Support for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Hey Facer team, just a quick question - have you thought about approaching fitbit to get facer support for the newly launched IONIC? its a beautiful watch and itd be even better with facer support

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Hey @patdude!

We can’t really comment on this other than saying that we always work with smartwatch makers we believe will have a significant market share in the future of the platform.

understand. Im loving the ionic but would love to craft some facer goodness onto it… fingers crossed!

@patdude are there a lot of watch face options with the Ionic? Feel free to share some pictures! I can send this thread to Fitbit directly to see if they’d like to work with us on Facer for that device.

options for fitbat Ionic faces are pretty limited. Its OS was designed by the Pebble team… I’d defintiely suggest getting hold of Fitbit to see what they think

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How did it go with fitbit? Any interest in the IONIC being facer compatiable by the fitbit team? I can help set up some intros if need be

Hey @patdude! Multiple emails never hurt! If you have direct contacts, feel free to tell them you own the device and would love to have Facer on it. We’re happy to have that conversation with them if they tell you they are interested in supporting that effort.

I have the asia pacific CEO’s card somewhere - lemme see what I can do

@Facer_Official - Has there been any movement on FitBit support? I own a FitBit Versa and just found out about Facer today, only to be immediately disappointed that there’s no support for my watch! :slight_smile: Thanks for any additional information one way or the other.