[Idea] Group Folders for Layers Like in Photoshop

Folders in the layer section like photoshop or similar and possibility to add general TAG/expression at the folders.

Thank you

Sure, I’m in favor. I’ve definitely noticed the inability to drag and drop multiple layers as a group.

But I also think folders/groups is a nice to have, not a need to have. To me, debugging misbehaving tags and correcting bad documentation are higher priority.


This would be great. I recently got close to finishing a design and realized I needed to bump ~100 layers up a few pixels… Grouping layers so I could move them all together would have saved me a lot of time and hassle.

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Will this become a feature? I really, really, really hope so!!!

I’m a Facer newbie but already have thought the exact same thing. Layer groups would be extremely helpful!

I would like to add my support for this, it would be great for testing out different colour schemes and fonts and such in one go

Super necessary function, just like the zoom was. having to deal with 50 or 60 layers is a headache and can even cause a mistake to be made

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+1 :+1: