[Idea] Hide Favorites Collection (or List Last)

Hi @Facer_Official,

Is there a way to hide your own Favorites collection? I didn’t see one.

If it doesn’t exist, can it be put on the road map?

Alternately, can it be placed last rather than first in designer profiles?

Would anyone else want this? Thanks all in advance.

I actually want Favorites listed last even more, now that I see it takes up one of just three unexpanded spots for collections. Three is so few… can’t we have six unexpanded collection spots? Right now I’m trying to distribute my Favorites collection because it looks like empty Favorites collections don’t appear.

P.S. Some insight into how collections are ordered would be lovely. I’ve noticed that they change in order - perhaps by last updated?

P.P.S. Can collection order be user-specified? Y’all know I’m a control freak.

P.P.P.S. Can the watch face ordering on a user’s main profile page be user-specified? User-specified watch face ordering within collections is the best thing since mochi ice cream. (though a queue would be a superior UX to a stack) Anyway thanks so much, Facer guys! :kissing_heart:


Hi @pacingpoet!

Thanks for the note! Quick replies:

  • Hiding favorites: we considered it but couldn’t find a real use case for it. What makes you want to hide your favorites?
  • Collection order: yes, we’ll rank the collections by last updated
  • Collection order be user-specific: what is the use case? Would order by most recently updated by sufficient?
  • Order for your own designs: is showing the most recent first not what most users would want?

Well, since it’s nicer for community dynamics to have visible Favorites, I’d actually prefer that the default order of collections changes so that Favorites is displayed last rather than first.

Since Favorites was the only collection available until recently, I used it as a catch-all for anything memorable about any watch face. So in my Favorites, the quality is highly variable by my standards. That’s why I would hide it.

Also only three collections show without expansion (for designers whose Favorites are empty). Since my Favorites aren’t empty, only two of my own collections show without expansion.

User-specified ordering of collections and watch faces would allow users to top list different designs or collections on a custom rotation. It would also allow us to group designs with soft transitions between collections. Also, the most recent watch face is sometimes still a work in progress that will change with feedback. I’m still dissatisfied with my most recent watch face (I veer towards deleting it some days!) and yet it’s listed first (cringe).

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@Facer_Official I’d also really like the option to re-order or hide collections - My ‘favourites’ collection is really just a mishmash of ones I have liked (I’d happily hide it) but my others are what I want to see and enjoy.


Corrected above to have*