[Idea] How About a Complications Review Category?

Hey @Facer_Official and everyone,
Now that complication spaces are up and running, does anyone have an interest in reviewing how watch application data looks in these spaces?

I thought it might be interesting to start a running list of everyone’s favorite watch apps and how they look in a complication space.

  • List the app in the subject: maybe it’s heart rate, or your favorite music player, or Outlook for Android… whatever you use from your Apps tray.
  • say how it looks in the complication space. Is it only text? are there icons or other graphics?
  • does it play better in the rectangle spaces or in the circle spaces (or doesn’t matter).
  • If the overall watchface is themeable, which part of the space gets the color?
  • does it kill your battery?

Basically just a critic’s review of an Android app and how it looks in one of the Facer spaces.


Oh, you want to know what we think about Android Wear 2.0 features like spaces and themes? :thinking:

I think other than maybe four people who post regularly, the rest of us are thinking:

Hahaaaaa! good point. Still, there are tons of “members” on Facer that don’t build watch faces at all. They just download and install from the community (free & pay). For those out there that own Android 2.0 devices, they can certainly contribute as purely the end-user.

I think it would be helpful for the developers to understand what the users (devs or not) are interested in. For example if 90% of watch wearers are more interested in the rectangular spaces, then we should cater more to those spaces.

I suppose this is an idea pitch more to the general wearers, not necessarily the developers


@jmorga106 this is a great idea and we’re happy to support it in any way we can!

Awesome @Facer_Official! Can you let us know when the forum section is open and I’ll start adding some content.


@jmorga106 here you go: Smartwatch App & Complication reviews - FACER Community

I made it more general than complications and include regular apps as well because I think that would also be interesting to the community. Maybe prefix complication reviews with [Complication]? Have fun!


Thanks! If you find a good complication to track the stock market in real-time, I’m interested! :wink: