[Idea] Isolated Tens and Units Digit of Minute Tags

would it be possible to have a TAG for first digit of minute in hour and second digit in hour (leading zero and not)
so we can control the position of the 1 and 2 in the number 12. A similar TAG exists for the digits in the hour.

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I would love to have this tag.
Yes, that can be calculated, but it would help so much.

So, is there a way to do this?

Like, what would be the TAG for the “2” and the “5” for: 25

I feel like it would be more of a function.
Where x is your tag and y is the digit that you want to get.

Thanks - I so don’t understand.

How would I do that?

IF they would create something like this and you would like to get the first digit of current seconds (tag: #Ds#) you would use this:

But it is not yet a thing (that’s why there is a request, under which we are talking right now) and I cannot give you a practical example.

Ah, so I can’t do that with the minutes as you have done with the seconds?

Again IF that would be a thing you could just swap that seconds tag for any other tag and get its first number.


Any idea if they will add that soon?

Can it be done with the digits of the date (of the month: 1-31)?

I can’t, as long as they don’t actually create such a function.
And it will probably take a while…

Thank you.

On a side note, is there a way that I can indicate AM/PM with a colored dot (graphic)?

Yes, but could you start a new topic for that?


In that case, remember to vote with the blue button up top. :wink:

I’d love to, but this is still a thing that can be calculated.
All my votes went to things that cannot be recreated in any other currently available way.

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Ah… yes. One must prioritize. :smirk: