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[Idea] Missed Notifications Indicator (unread messages)

Is there a notification indicator in the works that we can add to watch faces, since missed notifications don’t show on the home screen anymore after the AW 2.0 update?


I fully support this request at 400%.
Following the Android Wear 2.0 update, notifications are no longer visible, it would take a notification counter like the Jstew182 application as well.
Thank you.

This is probably one of the most important features for me which I have on non-Facer faces. I can’t understand why they would miss this out and yet have a tag which shows the device name! #SoNotImportant

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All - just to be clear, in all other non-Facer faces this shows up as a configuration setting for the watch face itself, right? A toggle at the bottom of the menu typically?

Yes, this appears to be a feature of the watchface itself, not a system option at this time.

On Android Wear, Unread Notifications is available as one of the “general” complications.

Where do you see this general notification setting at? I get notifications but if I don’t catch it as it occurs I don’t have any kind of indicator if I missed it. And no way to set this up through facer or the Android Wear app.

In Android Wear, app can provide what are called complication services to watch faces. Many watch faces, including most of the defaults included with my Fossil watch have a settings menu that can be accessed when switching to them on the watch. Clicking on this will bring up an image if the watch face with some empty circles on it. These circles are customizable complications for the watch face. Tapping on one will bring up a many that lets you select a complication from the apps you have installed. This includes a “general” section that includes the battery life, app shortcuts, an unread notification count and a couple others. Basically, the unread notifications count should be able to be accessed by any watch face, it just needs to be added by the watch faces maker

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I understand what complications are but when building a watchface in facer there is no way to add one which was the whole point of asking facer to include this as an option.

I know. I was responding to the facer staff reply earlier asking for clarification of what it is on other watch faces.

Notifications show up at the bottom of my watch as a dot with a ring around them. Wear 2.0 no.counter, just a general indicator.

Sorry to revive this topic, but is there any update for missed notifications number ?