[Idea] Samsung Health Tags (Heart Rate)

Recently got a S3 Classic. Created my first face. Now I am looking for tags for the Samsung Health app. I have put in the step count, but I am specifically looking for a pulse (heart beat) tag, thanks.

I agree. I’m wanting specific Samsung health options like step count and my HR along with the weather. I have been searching the internet for months and there just isn’t a watch-face that has all of these feature and I’ve also not been able to find a watch-face maker app that is able to add these options together either. Everything else that I would want to make my own watch-face is already there. I just want to add my Heart Rate too.

Facer is working on adding ‘complication’ to the design set.

I was about to suggest this myself, as it seems to be coming a more standard feature on smart watches. Instead I’ll upvote this suggestion.