[Idea] Streamline Reply To Comments by Email

you click the reply button and can you reply? nope

You end up scrolling through all your designs until you find the watch face they commented on (247 watch faces later in my case)

Here’s a wee suggestion

Facer - make the reply button an actual reply button, you know one that lets you write a reply to the users comment on the actual watch face… just an idea…


I support this idea. This workflow must be nearly unusable for the more prolific designers on site.

yes scrolling through 247 odd faces isnt fun especially when the watch face that the comment was made on didn’t have a review logged even thought I’d received an email notification…

Also a warch face I’ve just finished wont display properly even though the edit view is fine. Weird eh? My Facer account must be jixned :slight_smile: