[Idea] Support for Android Wear Watches on Facer iOS


I might be part of very small minority that had to change (due company policies) to Iphone from Android. I have Huawei watch (used prior Watchmaker on Android platform) and have been able to connect it to Iphone via the Android Wear , but the watch faces ( well U know) are not so great on the stock version. I noticed that you apply the Facer .io on both platforms, but on IOS you can only choose Apple watch. Will you bring support that also Android Wear watch user under IOS would be able to use your awesomme product ?

Thank You Team, Sami


Likewise with the S2 and S3 watches now that Samsung have officially launched their Gear S app on iOS?

Having same issue here… seems we aint gonna get any help im afraid!

Yep… iphone user with a Samsung Gear S3 here.

Please let me buy some watch faces from Facer :wink:

iPhone user with Android watch. (The Mission) using Wear 2.0. So far nothing I am trying works to get this app to work on my phone because it cannot sync the photos on my phone with the app. Any help here?

When the Facer for iOS will support the Samsung Gear S3???

No solution to buy watch faces for Huawei Watch using the Facer for IOS ???

I’m in the same boat - iPhone with Gear S3. When will Facer support Samsung on iOS?

The easiest solution here would be able to push watch faces from a Web interface from facer.io - simply replicating the “Daily Mix” push function —

this is the way I get my variety of choices of watchfaces today on my Moto360 paired with Iphone on Android Wear 2.0

Its pretty much hit and miss - because the mix allocation seems to be completely random ( ie has no learning based on my saved faces pattern etc)

However - the protocols existence proves its possible and easy.


iPhone user with a Huawei Watch running Wear 2.0. I’ve installed Facer on the watch itself, would love the ability to deploy watch faces directly to my watch!

I have a LG Sport and I have an apple iphone 7 plus and would love to load watch faces via browser or anything. Any ideas. How do you push them from a web interface?

How do you push it from the web interface?

My comment was basically to underscore the fact that Facer is doing something similar today.

Anyone who has the Facer app directly on the watch like “samuelf” or myself - mine is a Moto 360 paired with an Iphone- should be getting new random watch faces as part of their “Daily Mix” push …

I do not have the Facer app on the phone obviously…

So in essence there is a simple way to push watchfaces directly to the watch WITHOUT going thru the phone app…the functionality exists today.

Thus if Facer would make that same functionality available thru a command push - where you can save lets say the a bundle of “10” watchfaces in the Facer.io Web account and deploy that - logically it should show up on the watch directly.

anyway thats my 2.0


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I have a Michael Kors Access Bradshaw watch and an iPhone 6s+. When will facer work with this combination?

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I have little different issue. Im trying to sync facer app with moto 360 through ios. But app says open play store on android wear and then install facer app on android wear. How am I suppose to do that???