[Idea] Vanity URLs for users on facer.io

…i.e., rather than https://www.facer.io/user/uQxMyVurkO/,
my user profile would be at https://www.facer.io/user/pacingpoet/.

Hey @pacingpoet,

The other method is:
(1) acquire a new ISP internet account. There’s a bunch of free ones out there with very limited functionality - which you don’t care about. You’re not going to use any of the features.

(2) register your own vanity new URL like “PacingPoetWatchDesign.com” or something

(3) when the ISP account is up and works with http://PacingPoetWatchDesign.com, then edit the index.html file to jump immediately to your Facer profile page like this:

(replace these { } with these < > below)

{META HTTP-EQUIV=“refresh” CONTENT=“0;URL=https://www.facer.io/user/uQxMyVurkO/”}

The META tag tells the browser to refresh the session to the new URL in zero(0) seconds (CONTENT=0). So the browser will spend zero time at your free ISP account. Basically if someone goes to http://PacingPoetWatchDesign.com with their browser, they immediately end up on your Facer profile page. Savvy?

like THIS (click) ------> http://morga.io


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Thanks for the detailed recommendations, @jmorga106!

The intention behind my feature request is more for FACER to better leverage its own social network.

I have this external web page set up, which gives me more control over look and feel.

I think they may be working on this. Or possibly its a premium designer thing. Try the link below. Maybe support can confirm?


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Confirmed that this is available to premium designers as of Facer 4.0 (although we’re still ironing it out so your profile always use the vanity url). This may be rolled out to all users in the future.


Nice website @pacingpoet ! Lots of content and cool yoga move. Hey is that the Washington Square arch? Yay NYC!


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And the list of things I can’t have as a plebeian gets longer… :sob:

@jmorga106 - yeah, Washington Square Park is in my neck of the woods.
We have the best buskers and some pretty nice artists.
Jazz, guitar, piano, painters, poets - you name it.

Coolio. I’m on Long Island but I’m in the city everyday.

We make these: http://link.nyc and install about 20-25 a week in all 5 boroughs


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A bit disproportionately in the nicest neighborhoods so far…?
I saw them first in the UES, and none in the (poor) neighborhoods where my students live.
I wish people wouldn’t self-segregate so much by ZIP code.

@pacingpoet, to some extent yes. The project is driven by advertising revenue. So if you remember the ads on the old pay phone booths, each link replaces one pay telephone booth mostly. So the ads that run on the 55" TV displays are mostly the same ads in print that were on the booths. The project is completely free for NYC residents. The cost of the Link project ($200M) is generated entirely by the ad revenue which means they are going to be more saturated in high population, high retail and business locations. So yeah, there will be a ton of them in midtown, 3rd ave, 8th ave, etc. And the heavy retail aves in the outer Boros - 5th ave in Brooklyn, Queensboro Plaza in Queens, Grand Concourse in the Bronx, Hylan Blvd in Staten Island.

True there aren’t many in the residential areas because there’s not a lot of people or business. For example in the Bronx, there are few Links planned for the Riverdale section of the Bronx (up by the Cloisters) where the homes range in the $3-5 million scale. Inversely, there are already tons of Links, and more coming, in Harlem where… well we don’t have to talk about Harlem. :smirk: So the layout is not necessarily rich/poor.


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