[IDEA] Watch Face Promotion on App /Web

It seems quite difficult to get seen once your watch face has been published for a couple of hours/days if you’re a standard creator.

How about a paid promotion option/section eg you pay ‘X’ amount to appear in a section for a set amount of time, rather than just disappearing from the “new” section after a couple of hours because there are such a large amount of watch faces being generated.

So that it is not abused, you can add limitations. eg. Can only be used a certain amount of times in a set period.

Any thoughts?

Would you be willing to pay for promotion (dependent on cost)?

  • Yes
  • No

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Paying for promotion would make more sense for designers who can benefit from sales.

My guess is that this will be of more interest if non-premium users are allowed to purchase individual faces by designers subscribing to the creator pro service.