Idea: Working WITH official brands

I’ve been thinking… How do brands have an official page? Who makes the designs? Who could make the designs? What if you could submit designs to the brand if they’re on the platform? This is the kind of community I’m curious about or at least a platform that has such a culture.

I love Star Trek, I want to expand their universe through watchfaces. I wouldn’t mind if the brand wanted to buy them, or something to that extent. I’d rather have that instead of getting flagged/taken down. Know what I mean?

I recognize it’s on the Facer team and the Brands sending out warning letters. Nonetheless, this seems legitimately possible under the right circumstances.

P.S. I’m new, sorry if this is old news. I didn’t see anything on the topic.

Well, most of the brands don‘t want to see their content at a smart watch without permission and i think it‘s understandable. They spend millions of dollars to develop their watches and the brand itself. For sure you could try to contact them and ask them if you create a watch face for them but i don‘t think you will have a lot of chances…

I see where you’re coming from. I definitely understand watch brands. I’m thinking about Brands, like the official ones that are on this platform. For example: Star Trek. The brand already has their own library.

You could submit your design to them, then if chosen, you can discuss compensation. Then they could curate it through their brand page. I realize you can do this by sending them a message. But that can be difficult, if not impossible sometimes. So Facer could encourage that communication and collaboration.

I wish you tons of luck to establish a connection to this brands. But it‘s not up to facer to do so. I already tried it myself with a famous south german watch developer. They were very interested at first and told me to discuss it but i never heard of them again.

Yes, you need to handle the legal work on your end. That is not Facer’s responsibility. One thing you should not do is use any brand’s logo without their permission.

Contact a few brands, explain what you want to do, and show them your portfolio of original work. That way, you’ll know. I’ve designed for one brand. I did it for free using their trademark and copyrighted artwork that I adapted to fit watch face specs. As a courtesy to show their appreciation I was compensated for my work.

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