Ideas to improve?

Hi guys,

Im really new here, and a little bit Rookie, but im trying to improve by testing new ideas. This is my first design and I really need to improve it. Could you give me some advices?


Good early effort. Possibly keep it a little simpler, and less battery hunger.

Plenty will like it exactly as you have it …

Pick which elements are most important (eg. hands, 4 points of clock), and reduce to closer-to-background for the remainder.

Then pick which elements to keep, in DIM mode.

Overall looks good. Only thing I would consider is that the 3 sub dials are very small. Make sure when using text with a font size below 10 to double check for visibility by testing directly on your watch. I still get lost in my design on the creator on a very large screen only to realize on my actual watch face, things are very much smaller.

Good use of the dim mode by simplifying things. I would actually consider an opposite approach than @andrew.dowden and brighten up the hands and numbers slighly on the dim side. That’s my personal preference though. Different watch makers approach the dim side differently on Wear OS and Tizen. There is already a little dimming occurring usually. Again, just test on your watch to confirm. Drop the brightness down to its lowest couple of levels and see if it is still visible.

Looks good! Very clean design!

Blue is very beautiful. But you may need to rethink DIM mode.

Thank you guys! I working hard to improve it! thank for your advices.