IF THEN ELSE condition


I’m new to Facer and new to the creator. I used the online creator to make my first own watch faces. I have currently the problem that I need conditions to do the folling:

if the last digit of the battery integer is 3 then write “rd”
else if it’s 2 then write “nd”
else if it’s 1 then write “st”
else write “th”

How can I do that?

Unfortunatelly I didn’t find a manual for programmers. I’m an IT specialist so programming is my day job. That’s not the problem. However I need the syntax and commands. Where can I find that?


try looking here mate this is the manual for most commands ok


your link shows a page with some topics about the creator but no manual for commands. Do you have the direct link to the manual?

just scroll down to advanced it explains all the different codes

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Got it! Thanks!

A very warm welcome to Facer!

This topic, or variations on it, have been discussed a number of times. If you run a search for “if then else” you will see a number of older threads. Hopefully some of these will help.

The IF THEN ELSE construct in Facer appears to be undocumented. Some swear by it, other are not so sure. I have not used it so far out of concern that not all smart watch models will support it. Instead I create multiple layers, one each for the various options, and then I adjust the opacity with unique test cases for each layer.

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