If Watch round then

Hi, I am a new developer, and i have this issue when i want an element to get smaller if the display is a circle

Easy way (if your element is an image):
-Load an image
-Open it’s “Advanced Settings”
-upload different version of your image in those 4 spots

harder way (with scripts):
-Open it’s “Advanced Settings” of your element
-Inside Width and Height enter this:
and instead of x insert Width/Height of a circular screen element and for y, the square one.

I followed your code and tried applying it into the size are for some reason dont see any change
Here is my code - $#ZISROUND#?50:100$

You do have access to both circular and square smartwatch, right?

If that’s the case, try putting it into a text.
Then try adding things like () and “” in it - it’s a common problem with conditions in Facer.

No I dont have access to a circular watch, I only have a Square watch.

However I tried to put both brackets and quotations, it still doesn’t work :frowning:

The problem with conditions in Facer is that when it works in the editor it may not working on a smart watch and vice-versa.

I think i can get my friend to test it hopefully…