If you like all my watch faces why are not following me?

I don’t know if it is just me who is frustrated when someone likes all of your watch faces, but still doesn’t follow you. I was wandering is this was just me? It also doesn’t help that me and my sister (who also makes watch faces) are in a race to see who can get the most followers. Is this frustrating to anyone else?


I don’t create faces to gain followers. Some have followed me, more have sync’d my faces but most have liked my designs.

That’s just the way it goes.


Yes, it is the way it is…
I started to add “enjoy, follow, sync, like … thanks!” in the description field of each face I create.
I understand that it takes a bit more than just creating face if you want more followers. It is recommended to create some attention in the Facebook Facer group. Not really my thing, but I’ve just recently done that to see want happens…


Not anymore to me. When I first started, I thought it was a path to something but it’s not. You’ll learn that followers here don’t mean much just like likes don’t mean much. Make the watches you wanna make. Even better is to teach yourself to make watch faces equal or better than some of the creator partners here so you never have to ever pay for a face, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True, I don’t make faces for anyone else. I have too much Scots blood in me to pay for a watch face!

I design for me, if anyone else likes them enough to sync them, then great.


@PuppyHugger . It is a great mistake to make what you get from Facer users into a Race . You can get something in the Charts and get two followers . You can Publish something you actually Hate and get loads of Syncs and Followers . I for me Preferer to Enjoy what I do . If not be a Little bit of a Smart Ass.
The greatest Buzz I get is when another Maker has Commented on a Face and offered Ideas for improvement .
You will find a natural Growth in your Stats that Teaches you what People Like . If you publish 24 Faces a Week you will have absolutely no Idea which Face got a Follow . If you publish one a Week on Monday morning you will have a good reckoning that it is that Face in Fresh Faces that got you another Follower . For many Stats are not the the most important thing . ENJOY


Yes, it’s what russellcresser said. In addition be careful asking for people to follow you in places other than in your design descriptions, or it could be interpreted as spam. In other words, it’s not cool to jump into unrelated topics or into comments on other people’s designs to ask for followers. That could earn you a violation. Have you joined the Facer Facebook Group? You could show your designs there and ask for followers.


If you make awesome things, and often enough, people will follow you so they know when the next awesome thing is released.


I wont say it frustrates me, but strange surprising things like that happen here often. One of my recent faces got like 8 likes and comments from 4 different people before first sync.

Do not think much of it, the like means more a bit of praise, not necessary a matching preference.


Don’t be bothered by that.

For me

  • making watchfaces is a nice way to burn time when I’m bored, it’s interesting to solve problems, it’s a creative mind-sport
  • it’s the only way to have a watchface the way I want it, with the info I need
    Most of the watchfaces I really use everyday are not even published.
  • syncs, likes and followers are just a nice addition, it shouldn’t be the purpose of making watchfaces

So just try to have fun.


Same here . I started wanted followers now i just get what i get and i am happy. I learned that doing this lets me be more free to open my mind to new creation and take chances. I have fun and to me that’s all that counts. Seems the more i forget about the more followers i get lol… have fun . be yourself and they will come…