If your Fossil watch keeps reverting settings (Fix)

I had noticed that now and then my Fossil Gen 6 would reverse some of the settings I had set. It seemed related to power saving and the settings not being remembered on return to normal.
For me GPS kept turning off, touch to wake got turned back on and a few others.

I had completely forgotten that when I first set up the watch there was a step to configure the Daily battery profile and this is how I had set it when I very initially configured the watch. At the time I had disabled Location thinking that meant it would just get it from the phone rather than using the built in GPS and wanted to save battery. Turn’s out it’s just a security setting and location comes from the phone if connected.

As I rarely dropped to 10% or below before charging the changes I had made in settings stuck for a long time and over time I forgot about that step.
If you have it set to go to the Extended battery profile at 10%, when charged back above it will load the settings from your Daily profile, not your last overriden settings.

To fix this:

  1. Swipe down and go to settings
  2. Tap Smart Battery
  3. Tap Daily
  4. Scroll down if needed and tap Customise
  5. Turn things on and off based on your new preferences.

Now, when you return from 10% or lower all of those settings should be nicely restored for you.