[I'll help you with your design at Photoshop] Photoshop Downloads!?!

Hey guys!
Pro Graphic Designer of 20 years. Is anyone needing help with watch face graphic design? I have tips and downloads to make your faces BA. I can supply the subtle design needs for any watch. I can design it and attach it here. :slight_smile: Let me know if you need help and I’ll do what I can. :slight_smile: I want your creative ideas not be held back with lack of knowledge. :slight_smile: I got you boo.


Thanks for the offer @addamnorth
I’m sure there are plenty of people in need of some help every now and then!

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That’s a very gracious offer. How about posting your list of PS downloads so we can see what is available?


I’ll gather my resources and post it on my website for download? Or I guess I could post here with attachments that users can download. :slight_smile: Gonna take some time. But I’ll keep you posted here when it’s ready.


Facer has a place for those. Just add them with the others.

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Hey Adam,

Can you make 5 sets of matching original watch hands: hour / mins / complication.

It’s not for me - I can make whatever I imagine - but for others (those that don’t have PS/AI). It’s very kind of you to help those that can’t. Well done mate.



Post them as Linlay’s described. Thanks again.