I'm Learning Every Day....Thank You Everyone

Really pleased with the latest Face I just Published…I’m still learning each and every day thank you guys :+1: Your thoughts and or suggestions would be very much appreciated please :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! I can definitely see your graphics and designs evolving :grinning:

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Thank you kvansant Sir, that means a lot coming from an artist such as you :+1:

Well, I like it! It seems your work is really getting better, more precise and more focused :wink: :clap:

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That’s very nice of you to say thank you kingDavid Sir :+1:

I agree with the above, each design you post shows growth in skills, keep it up!

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Thanks ThaMattie, it’s ALL down to the help you guys give me, for which I’m forever grateful :smiley:
P.S. I’m still totally clueless when it comes to Math :rofl: