Im trying to create something new

So im working on a watchface that has a feature that im not sure how to do but i want it so bad since its the sole purpose of the entire watch face. im trying to make an image do something similar to a progress bar, where as if there was a battery progress bar but instead of a blank color i want to put in an image that will gradually dissapear and reveal another image under it which is just another layer but i want to change the progress bar just like you can with minute and hour hands, put a custom image. Any help please??

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Hello, welcome to the forum.
Can the disappearing image just slide away? That is easy, put an expression in the x or y coordinate field
like (160-120*(1-#BLN#/100)) consisting of:
number of pixels for starting x_position
minus or plus depending on direction
distance in pixels
*#BLN#/100 (or other tag for example #PBN#)
Can the vanning image be distorted? Then put similar expression in its width or height field.
Should the vanning image be “cropped”? You would need to decide how many stages between min and max would you want to cover. Depending on that you would have to prepare one image for each stage and let it appear/disappear on a corresponding condition for opacity like for example $#BLN#>50?100:0$



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