Image Background always active

Hello, I thank all the creators of Facer and the various distributors.
Your work is very great and of excellent quality.
I discover the software online ( creator) and I see that we can choose the elements that we be displayed when the watch is in active mode or dim mode.
I want the background image to remain active and I can not check it in the Dim mode.
How to do ?
Thank you very much.

Huawei Watch Classic

I think you can not display in dim a background color but well a background image. If you want to display a color in dim, use an image of that color.

Hi Sheugel,
Thank you for your answer.
I misunderstood, English is not my native language. I’m talking about the background image and not the background color. In color in the active mode I take black, it’s the same for the Dim mode.
I add an image (background image) in the Active mode, I see this photo. I want it to remain in the Dim mode. But it disappears. The image is in png, in white color, maybe the format is not supported? I tried with a photo jpeg but it’s the same… I can’t select it as I can select Battery on show/hide mode for example.
I would like show in Dim mode my photo.
I think it is possible but how ?


I repeat : I want to put an little image on my watch face AND i want the same image in DIM mode. How can I do it ?

I have in Active mode :
Hour Hand, Minute Hand, Second Hand, my image.

I want in Dim mode :
Hour Hand, Minute Hand, my image.

At this time, I can’t see my image in Dim mode. How can I do it ?
Thank you.

Well, well, well…

A photo in Dim mode is impossible with Facer Creator ?

Perhaps simpler: how to remove Dim mode from Facer creator?



thx for all

bye bye Facer “communauty”

In DIM-Mode there is no native background image but you add a full-size image element.

It’s very simple:

  • Remove your background image
  • then Add Element -> Image
  • upload your background image to the new image element
  • this element can be set to visible in DIM-Mode

Ok, ok ! Thanks you very much wibbmr.
I knew I was the idiot and I apologize.
Facer Creator is a very great tool.
I wanted to create a face watch for Christmas, there I no longer have time, 9 days to have an answer it was too long for me it’s my fault, I was blind. :slight_smile:
But I will continue to use Facer Creator next year.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone and all the communauty.