Image from Phone to Watch

I have Facer images on my phone and the Facer app, but how do I get the images to the watch?

The objective is to have several watch faces and be able to change them at will from my phone.

First of all, what do you mean by “Facer images”?
Do you have a bunch of jpg’s on your phone?

Second of all, you can load new faces from Facer onto your watch, but it will always be a time-consuming process.
You can change faces directly on your watch (if you have before preloaded them with Facer app) by triple tapping on your screen (when it comes to Android Wear).

I downloaded an image directly to my watch… I would like to transfer that image to my phone to use it again if I replace it with another Face design.

Again, what is that “image”?
Do you mean a Facer’s face, or an image format file?

But now the other matter: Assuming you mean Facer’s face, you cannot export it from your watch onto your phone.
If you imported it onto your watch than either it is your own creation (then you can find it on Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more ), or it was created by someone else (then you need to search for it on either Facer website, or Facer app).

Got it. Thanks for your help

I know have a Gear S3 and when I transfer a Facer image from the website or my phone, it does not transfer. I get a 3/4 circle with the words "Syncing Watchface’, but it never completes.

What should I do??

Is the answer that I turn my WiFI from Auto to Always On?

What is that “Facer image”?

Are you talking about a watchface, or pannikin, or dial, or just simply face?

Whenever I have a problem with anything tech related I try those 2 things:

  1. turn it off and on again (both watch and phone in this case)
  2. check if cables are connected the right way (check Bluetooth connection in this case)