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Image/icon to turn on and off

I would like an image/icon to turn on and off every second (or faster).
How do I do that?
I’ve read through a ton of toturials here, but haven’t found the right one.
Who can help me???
Thanks in advance…

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hi hi

i use this code for blinking
mainly for the “:” in retro digital ads.
Unfortunately I can’t explain the code to you in detail.
but if you play around with the numbers, you will be able to adjust the speed.
have fun


copy this code into the “Opacity” field


Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for! Many Thanks @SR-Design.vision


Yeah that’s is s nice one @kourosh . @SR-Design.vision. Just change the 60 for domething that devides into 360 evenly to change the speed. If you use a number lik 50 you will get a little glitch but I dare say no one on the Planet would notice. But we do not want to be upsetting Marvin.

:astonished: I didn’t do it… honest it wasn’t me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Ha Ha Ha. Your logos are similar. I spend enough time on this and we have a visitor at the moment. I was just trying to join in Quickly. Silly me. But Hey thanks for being there. Some times it is correcting the mistakes that is the best Learning.