Image resolution

what resolution should I make my watch face to, (pixels)I think ive messed up and need to start again what do you guys think, Ignore the current hands and stuff btw they are getting removed. Continue or scrap?

1280x1280 would be good or 960x960 as basic resolution…

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There have been several discussions about this.I used to use a 640 template until somebody mentioned 960. Somebody else mentioned 1028. Those images don’t look sharp to me after they are published. I am still confused. Now it’s 1280? Exactly which is best? @GAUSS which resolution do YOU use?

I always use 1280x1280 but 960x960 does fine as well. 640 is to small for me when i resize or rotate objects in Photoshop.

Thanks @GAUSS I will use in the future but do you think my watchface looks blurry and I should scrap it or do you think it looks alright?

I think you should scrap it. The small bezel left is very blurry. Or, if you made it a single part, redesign it in bigger resolution and load it again…

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Yeah everything is a separate image and I made it on Photoshop so I’ll redo it all in a 1280x1280 resolution. Thanks for your help mate

Your welcome, glad i could help you.

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I usually do everything in 960x960

I would think that the less resizing that Creator has to do the better. Did we ever find out an official answer to that?

No official. I ran a test with downsizing different resolutions. The difference int the result between 1280 and 960 were marginal. 640 had some little loss.

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Cool! Thanks for the info.