Image rotation using GPS coordinates

Hi all,

I want to use an “arrow image” which will always point to fixed place (hard coded for now).
Is it possible? Is there some tags or functions that get my X,Y gps position (so I can do the mathmagic to point the arrow image to my fixed point).

Thanks in advance.

PS: I tried to find any topics about it, but no success!

I’ve considered this kind of feature myself (read: adding a compass to a watch face). However, I believe currently the GPS directional information is gathered from the connected phone’s GPS. Obviously there is some coding involved, but I have yet to see any tags or expressions that are capable of utilizing this data.

That will be really nice!
Hope to be capable using it soon!

Really nice idea tschweizer! very useful for users, i hope to be capable using it soon too! :smile: :+1:

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