Image Sequencer - Moving GIFs on and off the watchface

If anyone can help it’d be greatly appreciated,

So I have 4 images:

1 - Vault Locking (animated)
2 - Vault Locked (static)
3 - Vault Unlocking (animated - basically layer 1 reverse looped)
4 - Vault Open (static)

Now I know you can’t play with transparencies when using Image Sequencer. So I’d have to move the gif on and off the watchface.

The animations are 3 seconds long, and here’s how ideally the layers should work

[ 0-3 sec ] Vault Locks [ gif ] - Moves off watchface
X Position : $(#Ds#)<3?155:-999$

[ 4-26 sec ] Vault Locked [ static image ]
X Position : 160
Transparency: $((#Ds#)>=3)&&((#Ds#)<26)?100:0$

[ 27-30 sec ] Vault Unlocks [ gif ] - Moves off watchface
X Position : $((#Ds#)>=27)&&((#Ds#)<30)?100:0$

[ 31-60 sec ] Vault Unlocked [ static image ]
X Position : 160
Transparency: $((#Ds#)>=30)&&((#Ds#)<60)?100:0$

For whatever reason I can’t get the gif to move off watchface. Is it something with how Sequencer works? Will it only work with #DWE and if so, any advice on how to handle these images?

EDIT: Also, it shouldn’t matter if I use OnSync or OnWake provided I can get the animation sequence moving on and off at the right time?


Look, in my tests moving animation off screen doesnt work with && in the script. So I uses two axis in negative condition to keep animation on screen. I mean, if first condition dont apply I move it off in x axis and if second condition dont apply I move it off in y axis. If both conditions apply (equivalent to &&) animation stay on screen. I dont know why, but works that way… Well, i think it may work with positive conditions in both axis, but I didnt test it. I hope I didt confuses you
Besides that, look your expresion for vault unlock gif, you are using 100:0 …

It may be working, but not in the sequence you chose. #Ds# is the second in current min. So If someone wakes the face at 12:00:59, then it would only be visible for 1 second before disappearing.

Also curious question. Is this supposed to be a wake animation or something that plays over the full minute (no matter when someone wakes the watch)?

What you are trying to do is quite complicated. There are only two ways to trigger the animation, on sync and on wake. You can not use on wake because the combination of animations is tied to the seconds, and as noted @eradicator09 you can not know in what second of the minute the user will wake up the clock. So, you have to use sync and loop, otherwise the animation will never be visible. Then, you have to achieve synchronize the input and output of the screen to achieve the desired effect. Now, the animations last 3 seconds, luckily 60 is a multiple of 3, but if the user sync the face in a second that is not a multiple of 3, the animations will always be discarded from the time in which you make it enter and get out. I hope you understand what I mean … (sorry for the traslation, I cant explain myself in english correctly)

Yeah, sorry I was rushed today at work and missed some simple stuff :smiley:

The idea is indeed to keep the gif looping all the time and moving it on and off the face at set intervals.

Since I don’t know when the user is viewing the watch I can’t really tie it to #DWE#. So I figured I’d make the gifs loop constantly and moving them that way if someone looks at it during 11seconds and another views it at 47seconds, I can guarantee what will be viewed.

I’m used to manually creating gifs, and I knew transparencies didn’t work, I didn’t know && also hadn’t. I’ll try setting one condition and tying it to X and the other to Y. I used that technique with another watchface and it worked.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of trying that.

One more question, I noticed there’s a setting for offset. Could I bypass/trick it that way possibly? Setting the original sync point, but offsetting it to get the desired effect?


Offset is not scriptable, so I don´t think so…

The problem is, again, if originally the user sync the face at, per example, 13seconds in a minute. Then both animations will run in a loop starting 13, 16, 19, etc seconds… then it will not match the criteria you want, and when you put the animation onscreen at 0 seconds, the animation will be showed almost at the end of it and will be strange… I had the same problems with my flipping watches, and the animation was far more simple…