Image size required

What size image do I need to use as a background? I uploaded a photo but it appeared as a letter box a cross the centre of my watch design. I don’t seam to be able to read size the image. I am using a Samsung tablet as I do not have a pc.

Did you manage to get it to work? When you say that your photo ended up as a “letter box” that makes me think that something went wrong during the upload.
Perhaps you could show a screenshot of the problem you’re having?

As to image size, I went as low as 200 x 200 for a circular design and it still ended up covering the whole watch face by stretching the image, although at that size you are really going to start noticing the distortion.
I personally wouldn’t go any lower than 400 x 400 for circular designs, and if you can help it, go past 500 x 500 for the smoothest results.

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The editor looks like is 320x320. but to future-proof you should always go higher on your source material…

Found that the problem is that the creator is not compatible with mobile devices. You need to use a pc to do your designing. On android device, resizing of objects is not possible. Also some of the menues do not appear on screen as unable to display on screen due to screen size. This software should not have been released in this state! Bring back V1…

Is there any way to use Creator on android instead of pc yet?