Image to disappear on even minutes

So I have an image I want to animate acrost the screen and then return. The time can be every minute… I just can’t figure out how to change the transparency to zero on even minutes then switch on odd ones… I got it to work with seconds but not minute. I would also like a completely different image appear only after 10pm and switch back to the animation at 5am. (The character would be sleeping (^_-)v) but I think I know how to do this already (&& time > 2100 && time > 0500… I think)

So I didn’t get it to work but published it anyways…

Only thing is that once synced to watch, the majority of the time, the screen is just white?

@brakx Nice design! Try using the modulus operator to check for even or odd values (example: $(#Dm#%2)==0?0:1$).

And for checking the time range, try using #DH# for the time value (example: $#DH#>22||#DH#<5?1:0$).

Good luck!