Image transfer help

Hi everyone just got back from a trip to NY City and took some nice pics tht I wanted to share as new watch designs but it will not accept the image. it says invalid image format. they are jpg images ( .jpg ) under image type it is listed as a jpeg image. I tried changing one to read .jpeg image and that didnt work either. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

Maybe they’re too big? What is the resolution of the image, and what’s its size in megabytes?

I had that happen to me.

What is possibly happening is that the software doesn’t understand that .PNG is a .png… make sure the file extension isn’t in CAPS in other words.

Try and resize them to a multiple of 320. For instance 640x640 or 960x960. That should help.

Thank you ll for the help, I rezized a image and it is now working. Thanks again!

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Can you let us know what the original image size was? We’ll fix the bug to make sure we show a relevant error message.

most of the images are 5600x5600 or thereabouts. I would suggest a msg saying invalid image size.