Images based on color theme?

This stumps even the AI (he gives responses which I can’t implement).

How do I set it so that if a user for example sets theme to “Red” the watch face will display a certain set of images with a red accent and when the user chooses another theme it will display images based on that theme?

I think we figured it out: Make two images - one has the themeable part on top of the first image and use the “toggle theme” set for it. It seems like you have to set the default theme to #ffffff for this to work?

It is so, that each image you assign as theme-able with the paintbrush icon will change colors according to the picked theme color. Only pure white areas in the images will become exactly the theme color, but all other colors will shift towards it more or less. If you want to have there complete redesign with color change, it would be more exact to make own sets of images triggered to show according variables with tap.

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We tried our best with variables but apparently they are only available in the desktop version. Which won’t install because of digital signature issues.

I am not sure what is wrong in your creator page, but mine offers the the var components in any browser just fine.

How do you define your own variables? I must be missing something.I got these:

Another thing: So it is not possible to exclude certain colors from the Themes?

I dont think it was possible to change the themes palette.
Check this example I stitched fast:

There is var_2 toggle on the center and var_1 increment on 10


The theme picker colors gives weird results. Should the image which is theme-able just be grayscale? But then it would look weird with the default color.

(btw I really like this:

If there was a way to somehow show the time on the progress bars so that it didn’t interfere with the overall look it would be perfect. )


Should the image which is theme-able just be grayscae?

Yes. Don’t use color on themed layers.


This is so freaking cool now that I figured it out. :slight_smile:

Who would have thought lime green ever looks good, but it sure does in the project I’m working on.