Images not showing

Images don’t show, just placeholders in the design forums.

The watchface shop shows correctly, but I’m ready to pull my hair out when in the forums looking for examples!!!

This problem shows both in Firefox and Edge on windows10pro, and my Samsung android phone.

@Facer_Official knows about the problem and is “supposed” to be working to fix it.

ill be starting to muddle my way through the designer program soon, but …

Is it easier to design a watch face in the online program here, or on my phone after i install the app?

If i understand correctly, beta is just the latest app for the phone?

I use the online using my Windows 10 computer.

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As far as I know you can’t design on your phone. The app is for browsing and syncing only.
For the beta: you get the latest phone app, watch app AND creator version.
Also, currently, the preview images on the forums only work if you signed up for the beta.