Immediate help on an A.I project

I require some assistance on a newly adapted implementation,

  • audio,

I’m working on a true smart watch with A.I installed,
but I need to know how to add audio via TTS or, video with sound.

any help would be appreciated

my project is linked,
any help would be highly welcomed.


There is no way to add any kind of audio.

Also, the same watchface will not work on Apple and Android watch.

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Welcome @owenharlow.rt . You will have to explain how you have Full A.I. Installed on your watch .

Some Partners have managed to include Audio on thier Faces .
Some have implemented SHADERS which are Real Time 3D Animations that require a Script to run them .

Partners have not come on to this Forum to Share with us any details about these new Complication for Facer Watch Faces . Watch this Space . (1)
BTW @owenharlow.rt . You can invite your user to connect to an AI with an App from the Google Store . You can use one of the Round complications for this . I used them Hidden because the are not Idiot Proofed for what they show on the Display .
The Launch App ID thing Does not work .

I would play about with the Basics a bit more Before you Reach for the Stars .

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